Free Fire-Battlegrounds Wiki


Some information about me:

A casual editor on this wiki. All information added is based on gameplay experience, i do not add informations without a veritable comprovation beforehand.


Favorite Weapons:

Favorite weapons that generally i like to carry until the endgame.

  1. SCAR: A Killer, deals quite the punch and don't leave you offhanded. Is also accurate, good to take off some headshots from enemies hiding behind a small wall, such as those on the watchtowers.
  2. Groza: The Groza deals a high amount of damage and have a fast firerate, but to find it one must rely on the luck of finding it inside an airdrop. I generally don't go for airdrop often, but i liked to use the groza, carried me to one of my victories.
  3. M4A1: Very decent rifle. Sometimes, when no other better option arrives this good old M4 gets the job done, and don't disappoint at long range engagements.
  4. FAMAS: I like the famas, the burst can deal up to 68 damage if all shots hit, is accurate enough and, if you tap fast enough, are able to achieve a fast firing rate. Also exceptional in CQC combat.

Liked Weapons:

Weapons wich i like to use, but are not my favorites. Still have their uses.

  1. M14: I like the M14. It's accurate and deals alot of damage. It's one of the weapons i got most kills with.
  2. UMP and MP40: Two good assaulting SMGs when the enemy gets too close. The UMP is rather reliable while the MP40 can ravage the target with a blistering firerate. Only at short ranges, however.
  3. M1873: I like the fact that this sawnoff shotgun is a sidearm, allowing me to carry other weapons for different purposes. This little killing machine blasts the targets at point blank range, works well on the starting part of the game, when there are fewer weapons to find.
  4. Pistols: Pistols are deadly, specially at the starting of the game. They are good backup weapons when you run out of ammo for your main weapons. I only use whenever i run out of ammo, or don't have anything better to use.

Disliked Weapons:

Weapons that i don't like to use.

  1. Kar98k: I simply disliked the sniping on this game. It simply isn't my playstyle. I reckon that it's a death sentence for headshots, but simply.... no.
  2. AWM: Same reason for the Kar, however this one is only found in airdrops, one more reason that i don't like it. Sniping isn't my playstyle, no matter what.
  3. SKS: The M14 wannabe, i disliked the SKS. The M14 is better when you are looking for a high-damaging, non automatic rifle. The SKS is, however, truly semi automatic, while the M14 let you hold the fire button to keep shooting.
  4. M1014: I don't like to use this shotgun in the game. The Smgs does a better job with their firerate. So, accounting damage-per-second, over damage per shot, i will take a UMP or MP40, or just an assault rifle. Unlike it's smaller counterpart, it occupies a primary slot, wich i deeply dislike, considering I'm not going to use it all the time.
  5. MP5: The UMP easily outpeforms the MP5 in every way. It's horrible, not very accurate and deals very little damage. I would easily have a better time with the MP40 than with the MP5, at least the former can kill my enemies. It's still better than a pistol, though.

Favorite Locations

Some of the locations i like to drop in:

  • Factory
  • Mill
  • Plantation