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The MP5 is a Sub-machine gun that can be commonly found in Free Fire. This is probably the most popular SMG in the world.


The Heckler & Koch MP5, (German: Maschinenpistole 5, meaning Submachine gun 5) is a German SMG developed in the 1960s by arms manufacturer, Heckler & Koch. The weapon's design is based on the G3's roller-delayed blowback system, while the G3 fires 7.62x51 NATO cartridge, the same round that the M14 fires, the MP5 fires a smaller 9x19mm cartridge. Originally called the HK54, work started on the weapon in 1964 and was finalized in 1966. In that same year, it was adopted by the German Federal Police, border guard, and army special forces. 

The MP5 has gained popularity for it's usages by the British SAS in the Iranian Embassy siege. It has also been seen in the film Die Hard.


The MP5 has a steady fire rate and moderate accuracy in long-range engagements, but deals low damage per bullet in comparison to its sister, the UMP. It performs well in close-quarters, begin able to down a player quickly, given that they are unarmed or not attacking back.

The MP5 can totally be used in long distances gunfight, but it will loses a lot of it's damage capability.

Due to its steady fire rate, this gun can perform well in a medium range and close range gunfight. A scope can be a useful attachment on the MP5.


It is an SMG with middle of the road performance almost in every aspect. If the player can use it properly, it can be a really deadly weapon in any range.