Free Fire-Battlegrounds Wiki

The grenade is a thrown weapon in Free Fire Battlegrounds.


While not properly a weapon, the grenade have it's uses, be it to destroy hostile vehicles, cause disruption or to force players off cover. A powerful asset if used correctly.

It have it's own slot, below the medkits on the left side. Once selected, you can press the fire button to reveal a red tracer that will show it's lobbed trajectory before landing. It needs to wait it's fuse before detonating, wich is a high pitched beep. It doesn't detonate on impact, unlike the ones used for the M79.

If you want to re-secelect back to the weapon, you have to press the weapon hud on the top right.

In the latest updates grenade can be cooked and thrown be careful that it does not detonate on you


- The Grenade are based on the M60 anti-personal grenades.

- It beeps