Free Fire-Battlegrounds Wiki

There are several characters in Free Fire Battlegrounds. Those playable characters have unique abilities that gives an small passive bonus to the player. The characters can also be customized with clothing aquired in crates or special outfits restricted to each one of them. Currently there are 10 different characters for the player to play with.

Some characters have personal notes, which are unlocked with Character Fragments and a Cash fee. Each Note improves their abilities. Character Fragments are obtained by playing game matches with the selected character.

Playable Characters

Starting Characters:

Purchasable Characters with Gold

Only available After Purchasing Diamonds or in Special Events

  1. Alok
  2. Shani
  3. Jota
  4. Kapella
  5. A124
  6. Notora
  7. Laura
  8. Wukong
  9. Steffie
  10. Alvaro
  11. Rafael
  12. Wolfrah
  13. Joseph
  14. Luqueta
  15. Clu
  16. Jai
  17. K
  18. Dasha